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  • allergen-proof mattress protector for babies and young children
  • 100% waterproof
  • breathing and moisturizing
  • for a peaceful sleep
The PROTECT mattress includes a three-dimensional fabric: Cairfull®. The ventilation layer in this textile offers a sophisticated air circulation so that sweat evaporates. This reduces the risk of overheating and suffocation. When bedwetting or drooling, the child can continue a dry sleep. The soft and resilient material contributes to a superior lying and sitting comfort. 

For a peaceful uninterrupted sleep 

Today, many children suffer from one or more allergies. One of the most important allergens is Der P1, an enzyme used by the dust mites to digest food (micro skin scales). Ninety percent of all dust mites (ca. 2 million) is located in the mattress and pillow, because it is warm, dark and humid over there. Children and babies often sleep with open mouth on the mattress fabric and breathe as a large amount of allergens.

The PROTECT mattress protector uses the revolutionary technology Purotex®. Microcapsules are incorporated in an intelligent way into the textile. They contain non-active probiotics. These are natural micro-organisms that are also used in yogurt.  The make sure the bedding stays clean.
Purotex® is ecological and healthy. Purotex® offers a solution that is being offered by nature itself. With the Protect mattress and car seat protector your child sleeps
  • cleaner: less staining, discoloration and wear
  • fresher: no unpleasant odors
  • more hygienic and healthier: Purotex® reduces the risk of dust mite allergy
  • ecological: no biocide products 

Selected by "Carehome of the Future '

Due to the successful application of technology in the domain of health care, the PROTECT mattress protector has been selected for the "Carehouse of the Future '.
The "Carehouse of the Future" is the latest innovation and awareness project by Living Tomorrow. In line with the "House of the Future" the promoters wanted to builld a house with technologies, services and products that take care of its inhabitants. Hence it has become a house with technologies that make life more pleasant and comfortable. The house is located in Heusden-Zolder, near Hasselt in Belgium.